2 Classes Down, 20 More to Go!

So I had finals this week.  It’s been really weird getting back into the swing of school…but I am a nerd at heart so it’s buried down in there somewhere.  We had a menu creation/presentation in our Gastro class and my team won…woot, woot!  I’ll take the extra points wherever I can get them!

I finally got my whites, but we still haven’t touched the TC (that’s Teaching Kitchen in CIA speak).  My next classes are Food Safety and Product Knowledge so I am deducing from the titles that I might get to at least look at some food…be it salmonella chicken or stale bread…please, let me at it.

I drove home and went to see Ruth Reichl (NYTimes former Food Writer and Gourmet Editor in Chief) speak at the Hearbst Theatre in SF with my foodie friend Tonya.  It was really inspiring…both from Reichl and the 10 year old aspiring food writer (who has a blog  AND a food journal)who asked her “What can I be doing in the next couple years to promote my career choice?”  Lisa, meet your competition.  Damn, I feel old.

As if this last week was not hard enough, after a 6 days spent in the hospital my Dad found out that he has Stage III Lung Cancer…WTF????  I am going to have to squeeze in “Cancer Specialist” along with student.  Unfortunately I do have some expertise in the matter, not that I ever wanted to dust off that book of knowledge…any of the volumes.  Lycopene is going to be flowing like wine…or the wine is going to be flowing like wine…whatever works.


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