I’ll have the Spata Spata, Please?

So this week I’ve been primarily trying to focus on getting some gainful employment so I can continue to go to this prestigious(read exorbitantly expensive)school.  Things are chugging along, but I find Napa Valley people to be even more laid back (flaky) in the hiring process than in SF…and those folks took the cake.  However, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t had time to pay attention to all of the strange happenings at school.

Here’s an example.  I was walking to the computer lab and and noticed a familiar glow coming from the externship recruitment office.  As I neared the doorway an enormous flat screen came into view with a woman blankly staring off past my shoulder…very creepy in a Max Headroom kinda way.  I gave it some thought in the bathroom and remembered some email about a video conference appointment you could about set up via the Hyde park office to discuss careers.

I felt strangely sorry for this woman the rest of the day,  so I kept checking on her…wondering if I might catch her polishing off a sleeve of donuts alone in her office or possibly napping.  I only saw her conduct one meeting during her several hours on camera.  I guess thats what we pay the big bucks for.

And, another guy puked in class because he “let his tea bag steep too long.”  Is that code for something cooler or did he get taken down by some pekoe?

On the brighter side, my Dad called me to this week to inquire about a side dish I had made during my recent visit over Easter weekend.  Even though he remembered it be called “spata, spata,”  I correctly identified the healthful grain by it’s more familiar name, “cous cous.”  God Damn if this school isn’t already paying for itself.


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