Another day, another vegetable.

So I am a week or so into my second classes and I fell like they are a blur.  I spent all of last week on the phone with every Copenhaver I know dealing with my Dad’s cancer, but things have calmed down and he just had his second day of chemo today.  I am nixing my trip to NYC during our 3 week summer break and am going to spend it in SC with my family…I am looking forward to it.
My classses now are Food Safety and Product ID.  The fist class is taught by a Kevin Bacon knock off…”A Few Good Men” Kevin Bacon, not “Footloose” Kevin Bacon.  He even works in a Navy  Mess Hall.  Mr. Bacon used to own a shady deli  that he references EVERY DAY when he is teaching us about viruses and parasites.  He hates that deli.  Then, when Kevin Bacon is really hurting for class material, we play games like “Parasite Jeopardy”.  Riveting stuff…

In Product ID we finally get to get into the kitchen and chop, blanch, saute, fry and broil vegetables and fruits.  Then we take a tray of the 17 varieties and eat/discuss them in class.  I never thought I would be so proud of Okra…but today I was.  I started working in the kitchen at school and I really enjoy the pace (slow) and I feel like I am learning alot there too. I cannot wait for this weekend to chill out and work on some Tapas recipes for a school competition…the winner gets to go to Spain and compete there…paid by the CIA.  I hope I have enough time to come up with something good!


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