Top Chef in the Hizz…



So, last week we had a demo courtesy of the California Almond board. I guess I have never really given much thought to the fact that some people love almonds so much, that they champion them for a living. At least I think that’s what happens. Most of them looked pretty pleased with their job, and they were all so nattily dressed…the nut business must be booming. They are pretty filling.

Anyways, there was a panel of really talented chefs who made dishes of varying interest; both sweet and savory. I am sorry to report that most of the cooking took a back burner (pun intended) to the antics of Top Chef alumni

Stefan screwing up his lines

Stefan screwing up his lines

Stefan Richter. He certainly proved that some people are exactly how they portray themselves on television. A gal couldn’t get a drink of water in the TK without him creeping up behind you. He made the lamest Trout Almondine ever and pretty much challenged all of us to ask him a question. I wanted to ask him how he was able text the 19 year old girl next to me while on cooking on stage and still retain any shred of decency, but then I realized he lost that a long time ago.

On a brighter note, Richard Blaze was also there to represent the almond, and although I did not see his presentation because I had to leave for work…boo…I DID get a snapshot of him pouring liquid nitrogen all over some of the nuts. The photo kinda reminds me of Culinary Mad Scientist in action. Maybe it’s the hair.

Finals this week, and then it’s on to Meat Fabrication. Bring on the sliver skin!!!!



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4 responses to “Top Chef in the Hizz…

  1. Why am I not surprised? (re: Stefan.)

    At least he’s genuine.

    …great site.

  2. texting & cooking a 19 YO. Now that’s some marketable skills right there.

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