Back in the Saddle, Again.

After three luxurious weeks of vacation, I am back at school.  It really isn’t a great excuse as to why I haven’t posted (seeing as how I had the whole day to do nothing), but it’s the only excuse I’ve got!

This week, we finally started our Skills Development classes and I couldn’t be happier.  No more hunks of meat or fish guts flying around.  We get to dig in and work on knife skills (yes, the Chef’s bust out the ruler on our small dice) and learn all about the wonderful world of stocks and broths.  There is a difference, in case you were wondering.

On Friday, I am going to make my Tapas recipe for the  trip to Spain…not sure if i posted that I am a finalist, but I am.  I am up against 6 other CIA students and they will pick two for the Spanish Tapas peeps to decide between.  I will be glad to get it over with.  For some reason I have been psyching myself up about the whole thing, needlessly, of course.  The trip is in September, so I should know if I need to pack my bags soon!

I spent two weeks in South Carolina hanging with my Dad and taking him to Chemo appointments.  I brought my tools (geek) and made some great meals to help fatten him up.  Not a fan of the slooooow lifestyle in the South, but they have some damn good food.  I don’t know how anyone dares to wear a bathing suit with all the fried, porky, goodness around.  And all the grits…you get the picture.

I totally blew it on Fish Fabrication posts, but I will tell a visual story with a photo montage soon.  Oh, and the birds are gone!!!!


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